The Goals
          Eradicate extreme poverty
          and hunger
          Achieve universal primary
          Promote gender equality and
          empower women
          Reduce child mortality
          Improve maternal health
          Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria
          and other diseases
          Ensure environmental
          Develop a global partnership
          for development

UNCDF and the MDGs



The new publication from the UN Capital Development Fund, Delivering the Goods, Building Local Government Capacity to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals, leverages UNCDF’s experience in Decentralisation, Local Governance and Urban/Rural Development, and presents a mix of guidelines, lessons and anecdotes (positive and not so positive) derived from practice. It aims to inform practitioners on the front line, charged with designing, implementing or supporting programmes aimed at promoting local development, building local government capacities, and devising decentralized infrastructure delivery models which have some chance of replication outside the “project confines”.

Over the past decade UNCDF has built up a portfolio of Local Development Programmes in the Least Developed Countries, primarily in Africa and Asia. Although these LDPs operate in very different national contexts -- and are tailored accordingly -- they all embody a common strategy: they aim to promote more effective, efficient, equitable and accountable infrastructure and service delivery through rural local governments, by twinning innovations in funding mechanisms with other "capacity development" innovations in planning, budgeting, delivery and accountability arrangements.

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